"An Incredible Bargain"

May 2nd, 2008

All we hear about today is the rising cost of goods and services. The Outliers understand, and would like to point out that relative to other things you may have on your shopping list, the Outliers are an incredible bargin...

$38,858,507 - Cost for a gallon of scorpion venom

$122,880 - Cost for a gallon of LSD

$22,740 - Cost for a new Chevrolet Equinox

$3,433 - Cost for a gallon of mercury

$198 - Cost for a gallon of Liquid Paper

$16.50 - Cost for a gallon of latex paint

$11.97 - Cost for a pressure treated 4 X 4 post

$3.60 - Cost for a gallon of gasoline

$0.21 - Cost per Outliers song at tonight's gig (excluding cost of bar drinks)

We'd love to see you tonight to help you manage your monthly budget...



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