"The Complete Outliers Organization"

August 12th, 2005

Many of you come down regularly to see Outliers gigs, but likely few of you realize the number of people it takes to make an Outliers gig happen. So today, we'd like to introduce you to the numerous people who help us with every gig, yet never have thier praises sung. The complete Outliers organization:

Drum Stool Tester - Wilma Butfit

Accounts Payable Administrator - Imelda Czechs

Music Critic - Dot Snice

Transportation Coordinator - Orson Buggy

Computer Consultant - C. Colin Backslash

Set Construction Manager - Dustin Dubree

Director of Country Music Classics - Stan Beyerman

Amplifier Repair Tech - Anita Hammer

Director of Ethics - U. Lyon Sack

Director of New Product Repair - Warren T. Xpired

Pavlovian Research Consultant - Isabelle Ringing

Band Photographer - Len Scapon

Purchasing Manager - Lois Bidder

Lead Guitar Consultant - Hugh Tooloud

Massage Therapist - Ophelia Back

Groove Consultant - I. M. Dancin

Sound Technician - Les Bass

Lighting Technician - Shanda Lear

Road Crew Manager - Carrie Destuff

Joel’s Parole Officer - Willy Bolt

Patch Cord Technician - Kay Bultoshort

Band Name Consultant - Bella Curve

Security Manager - Don B. Trouble

Gig Length Advisor - Dewey Endnow

Band Cardiologist - Angie O'Plasty

Blues Coordinator - Mymamma Dont Oldme

Energy Consultant - Mia Tired

Band Chaplin - Neil Down

PA Tech - Anita Patchcord

Equipment Set Up Manager - Payne Dias

Equipment Pack Up Manager - Ariel Payne Dias

(...with our sincere apologies to Tom & Ray Magliozzi)




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