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Rob Fishman
The newest addition to The Outliers takes the band in a new and exciting direction. Classically trained, Rob brings a sense for musical structure, sound, harmony and arrangement that adds yet one more level of uniqueness to the outlier sound. In addition, Rob's keyboard skills add a funky new texture to the sound giving us multiple options for fills, groove and solos. During the day, Rob spends his time as a Sales Consultant and Trainer.
Rob Fishman
Blues Name
Skinny Gumbo Brown
Primary Instrument
Other instruments you can play
Drums, Percussion, anything you can hit
Other instruments you've ever played, but would be afraid to pick up today
Flute, Double Bass, Jawharp, Brake Drum
Top 5 Most Important Musical Influences:
#1 Johann Sebastian Bach
#2 Muddy Waters
#3 John Coltrane
#4 Keith Emerson
#5 Herbie Hancock
Age began playing music
Most thrilling personal musical experience
Performing Mahler's 4th Symphony on Timpani with a symphony orchestra
Favorite musical artist
Eric Clapton
Musical genre you identify with the most
Your all-time favorite album (your 'desert island disc')
Steely Dan...AJA
Favorite guitar player
Eric Clapton
Favorite bass player
Jaco Pastorious (RIP)
Favorite singer
Stevie Nicks
Favorite harp player
Joel Rubinson..oh, did you mean Blues Harp?? otherwise, Harpo Marx
Favorite drummer
Steve Gadd
Favorite tune performed by The Outliers
Roadhouse Blues
Favorite Elvis song
Jailhouse Rock
Favorite Beatle
Favorite actor
Robert DeNiro
Favorite actress
Jessica Lange
Favorite movie
Night at the Opera
Favorite book
Good to Great
Favorite author
Truman Capote
Favorite magazine
Favorite web site
Favorite newspaper
Favorite place to do Outliers gigs
Favorite food
Shoe Size
9 1/2
Your day job
Your least favorite word
Will a little dab really do ya?
Only on the weekend
Favorite baseball player
Lou Gehrig
Favorite all-time TV show
My Three Sons
Favorite all-time TV show theme song
Donna Reed Show..try to hum a few bars
Favorite drink
Johnny Walker....Blue label
Favorite accent
french...mon cherie
"Less Filling" or "Tastes Great"?
Tastes Great
Your worst vice
Being a pain in the ...
Favorite decade
The sixties
Do gentlemen really prefer blondes?
Only if they are natural
Favorite capital punishment device
Garden Hose
Favorite quote
"You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm" - Collete
Favorite comedian
Chris Rock
Favorite radio program
Mantle or Mays?
Favorite travel destination
What the hell does "NPD" stand for anyway?
Nona Permitta ona tha Danca Floora
The 1st thing you'd buy if you won $10 million
The Outliers, instant pay increases, medical benefits, group therapy, vacation home(s)...etc...
Ben & Jerry or Haagen Dazs
Ben & Jerry
Tom & Jerry or Wile E. Coyote & Roadrunner
Tom & Jerry
Ben & Jerry or Tom & Jerry
Ben & Jerry
The Beatles or The Stones
Cats or Dogs?
like dogs alot, but have a cat....she is a lot cleaner than a dog
Do you think UFO's really exist?
Absolutely...just look outside late at night..you can see them
Favorite geo-political figure
Alive or dead? I'll pick Bill Clinton
Favorite sports team
Stock picks
Google, Outlier options..etc...
1st concert you ever saw
Yes, original band at the Nassau Coliseum.....awesome show!
If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
Right here
Domino's or Pizza Hut?
Dylan "electric" or Dylan "acoustic"
Acoustic (early stuff)
Favorite pet
Who currently isn't, but in your opinion, should be, on a postage stamp?
John Coltrane
Coke or Pepsi?
Who was the real genius - Becker or Fagan?
Carpet or wood floors?
Wood Floors
Favorite dead rock star
Jimi Hendrix
Favorite analgesic
Don't do drugs, man
Crackling fire or sandy beach?
Crackling fire
Favorite member of ABBA
Don't really know
Who do you think was really behind Kennedy's assasination?
The Mob
Favorite Woody Allen movie
Everything you wanted to know about sex
Favorite condiment
I beg your pardon...
Favorite bimbo who ended a politican's/evangelist's/CEO's career
Jessica Hahn
Most humbling experience
Being at the summit of Jackson Hole ski area....holy sh*t, this is steep!

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