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Trussmerization is a term coined by Joel Rubinson to help explain The Outliers sound. For those of you that listen to the band and know our sound, you know that we like to take popular songs (as well as some obscure ones), and twist them a bit so that they now have a unique or interesting element to them.
Why do we do this?
We must admit, humbly, that it is more a function of necessity than creativity. We found early on that when we tried to replicate the original artist's sound for the song, we just couldn't do it. No matter what we did, we couldn't get our songs to sound like the originial artists'. So much for us being a "copy" band.
So, we added interesting things here and there, slowed the tempo, sped up the tempo, added harmonies where there weren't any, changed the groove to something entirely different, etc. Our feeling was, if we can't sound like the original artist, we might as well have free reign to make it our own.
This is what we call "Trussmerization".

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