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As the end of the 20th Century approached, a local minstrel named Joel (known to some now by his professional name, Boney) possessed intense (and according to some, unfortunately misguided) interest in indigenous musical styles. He roamed the rural countryside on the Island of Long in York of the New World in restless abandon, desperately searching to fulfill his wanton musical desires. Quite by happenstance and serendipitous fortuity, members of Joel of York's local house of worship were intent upon organizing an amateur musical event. To Joel's delight, the elders of his temple were pleased to allow him entrance to the event in order to perform his music.

During nearly the same period, a young maiden, heretofore known as Pretty (although often referred to by her birthright name, Laurie - of Huntington), had studiously mastered a vocal style known as harmonization - which was popularized by the known and respected mistrals of the day. The fair maiden combined this unique talent of her voice with an instrumental expression known in the day as Folk. As fate would come to bear, fair maiden Laurie of Huntington was a member of the same house of worship attended by Joel, and as is recorded in legend, she and Joel formed a partnership (along with a third temple member) to perform in the amateur musical event.

And performeth they did, and they met success. As all members of this new musical partnership held interest in the field of mathematics, the new partnership was named Logarythms (based on the 17th century mathematics of Napier of Edinburgh, Scotland). The partnership developed a fair reputation in the region, yet to the discontent of all, lasted but a short period before dissolving. Joel of York and Laurie of Huntington thus began their pursuit to discover new minstrels with whom to carry on their musical crusade.

Some years earlier, a young and masterful musician with the given name of David (however, also known by various other titles including Davis from the family of Moore and Gumbo from the French territory of Louisiana) achieved acclaim and admiration in the Dutch City of York of the New World for his mastery of the stringed instrument commonly referred to as the guitar of bass. Sir David had attained the status of professional as a minstrel. Yet his minstrel experience maintained unfulfilled desires, rumored to include a full purse …and a full stomach. So hitherto, Sir David gave up the ghost, relinquishing his minstrel heritage, and taking employment in the respected fields of mathematics and consumer learnings.

Fate once again plays a role in this story, as Sir David gained employment with the same professional group that employed Joel of York. Bequeathing unto each other a professional and musical friendship, Sir David was from time to time asked to join the musical partnership of Joel of York and Laurie of Huntington, to combine his musical expertise with the indigenous style of the Logarythms.

This same professional group that employed both Joel of York and Sir David, employed another minstrel named Mark (also referred to by some as Marcus - hailing from the Head of Glen, and his professional name of Jailhouse Killer Franklin). Marcus was a musician of classic styles, deftly studying the musical styles of revered and respected popular minstrels from the latter portion of the 20th century. While Marcus engaged in local musical performances with Sir David, he had never ventured to work with either Joel of York or Laurie of Huntington. When word spread that Joel of York was pursuing new minstrels, and this word thus came across the ears of Marcus, he approached Joel of York, to explore a new partnership.

Both being students of mathematical concepts, Joel of York and Marcus immediately proceeded to apply model techniques to understand the feasibility of such a musical partnership. Together they created diagrams based on the 19th century mathematical teachings of the Anglican John Venn, by which they hoped to establish the overlapping territory of their musical styles and interests. Results of the exercise were disappointing, as the overlap was thus determined to be very slim. Yet, it was pronounced that further exploration would be justly fruitful and the new musical partnership was formed: Joel of York, Laurie of Huntington, Sir David and Marcus.

So musical rehearsals were established in earnest. And much to all's delight, they appreciated that although the overlap of musical interest was slim, there were numerous possibilities in that slim portion of common musical style and interest.

Soon thereafter, the minstrels learned of another minstrel searching for a musical partnership. This minstrel, known as Bradley from the Bury of Wood (also known by his professional minstrel name of Dr. Muddy Legs), played a crude instrument which required the minstrel to repeatedly strike animal skin covered barrels and forged metal discs in a fashion of fury. While at first seeming peculiar to the partnership, they soon learned to appreciate the odd instrument. After some rehearsals, the minstrel Bradley joined the musical partnership.

Within short fare, the group of minstrels came to knoweth that more minstrels in the veineth of their style would be needed to fulfilleth obligations to perform as they traveleth from village to village. Seeking the assistance of the latest technologies of the day, the group foundeth a mumbler, yet a mumbler who was skilled at the art of guitar of the bass. Whilst he mumbled in speech, he sangeth clearly and with force in music. Rehearsals did commence, and the minstrel known as Marcus de Loebl the Mumbler of ancient Babylon became but the fifth member of the minstrel group.

Yet upon further reflection, the minstrel group seemed not completeth. And thus a search for one additional minstel was embarked upon, and this time, a new sound was therefore sought. To the attention of the minstrels came a man known for his fashioning of jewels from the view of the Plains. A strange instrument he did play - an instrument of fury fashioned from strings of gut of cat and ivory of large beasts. Robert of the Fishman tribe called this peculiar instrument a piano. Skeptical at first, the minstrel group granted the Fishman tribe a chance to make music with the group. And play he did. And so it was bequeathed that the Fishman clan member known as Robert would become the sextuary member of the new group.

And the new musical partnership was determined to be whole and good, and was from that point forward known throughout the land as…The Outliers…

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