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If you've ever been to an Outliers gig, you know that one of the things we love to do at gigs is have guest musicians join us for a few tunes. Usually, our guest musicians are friends whom we know play or sing and we cajole them into joining us.
Sometimes though, folks just come up to us and ask us to join in...and unless we're recording that night, we're more than happy to have guests join us.
How do you go about it?
1. During a break in the music, approach one of the band members.
2. Tell the band member the usual fluff about how much you're enjoying the gig and how great the band is.
3. Tell the band member that you just put $50 in the tip jar (of course you don't really need to).
4. Tell the band member what instrument you play (and hopefully, you have it in the car - if not, that's OK too).
5. Tell the band member what type of music or songs you know or would like to do, or peruse the songs we do.
6. Tell the band member your name...and sometime in the next set, we'll call you up to join us.
That's it!
Really, we enjoy having other musicians come up and jam with us. So bring your ax, bring your chops, and we'll jive and wail together.

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