What Makes The Outlier Sound So Unique?

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People who come see the band are always intrigued by the unique sound of The Outliers. Invariably, they ask us why the sound is so unique.
To be honest, we're not completely sure why either...
...but we do have a theory:
Each member of The Outliers brings with them (1) a different musical style, and (2) a different set of musical skills.
In some bands, this could spell disaster. For some reason, with us, it works!
All of the unique styles and skills end up working together to create a sound that is unique, complex, interesting and rarely heard in music today.
Stop down at our next gig and you'll see what we're talking about!
Unique Outlier Sound
Another (earlier) attempt at explaining what makes The Outliers sound unique came from our old friend Karl Irons, who summarized it as follows, in what became known as the "Irons' Band Analysis":
Mark (the groove)
Joel (the energy)
David (the musician)
Laurie (the sweetness)


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