The Outliers' Experience with Dean Guitars

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Joel at NorthShore Cafe with Dean Guitar

"Ever since I switched the acoustic-electric I play to a blonde Dean Exotica Quilt,
I get comments from guitar players in the audience at practically all of our gigs.
Recently, someone at the leading blues club on Long Island, Chesterfields, said to me
they were unhappy with their Guild and wanted to know about my Dean. The sound, the
look, it really grabs their attention. I think the sound comes not only from using the
best electronics (Fishman), but also the solid top is a great, thick cut of Sitka Spruce.
I do a lot of Rockabilly and country lead work, and the high end cuts through great! Also,
the action and neck feel are perfect--really plays well. When I let friends play my Dean,
they just fall in love. I'm actually going to sell my Martin because I just love this
guitar a lot more. Hey Dean--you guys planning to make blues harps too?!"

- Joel Rubinson

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