"Bush - Kerry - The Outliers"

October 8th, 2004

NEW YORK (AP), Oct. 8 -- The Outliers, a Long Island based rock and blues band, have confirmed through a spokesperson that they have been approached by the campaigns of both major presidential candidates. While the campaigns have been silent on the issue, Joel Rubinson of the Outliers offered insight into the situation. "With all the suffering that's going on in the world, both campaigns felt that true blues-men could help them understand and interpret what people today are feeling," Rubinson stated Thursday.

An unnamed source with the Bush/Cheney campaign added that, "Blues music is about suffering, and in many ways, the music itself has curative properties. This is powerful stuff to presidential candidates looking to bond with the electorate." Exactly how The Outliers might be called upon to help either candidate is not clear, not even to the band members themselves.

"Maybe John Edwards wants to learn the power of the pentatonic scale to elicit changes in human emotion," suggested Brad Sporkin, the band's drummer. Mark Truss, the band's lead guitarist offered that, "Perhaps polling results indicate that messages delivered over 12-bar blues progressions resonate more clearly with undecided voters."

Regardless, the band is excited at the prospect of potentially playing a role in the November elections and have already crafted some new blues tunes with political themes. "My Voters Done Left Me", "Debater's Blues" and "You Ain't Got Nothing But Spin" are just some of the new tunes to be featured at a gig tomorrow evening at the Olde Speonk Inn.



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