March 11th, 2006

It used to be that when you needed to have a personal phone conversation, you found a place where you could be alone, and made the call. With cell phones, people seem to find that increasingly difficult to do.

So people have personal conversations wherever they are, regardless of who else might be around.

And we've become quite adept at filtering out these conversations.

But every once in a while, you hear something, that even though you weren't really paying attention, it makes you stop and say "Huh?".

So here is The Outliers' Top 10 List of things overheard on people's cell phone calls that made us stop and say, "Huh?"...

(10) "So how many cops finally showed up?"

(9) "And what about the other tumor?"

(8) "Yeah, but I never said Iíd have sex with you!"

(7) "So whose gun went off?"

(6) "No, it is unusual. I usually throw up at 5:00, not 3:00."

(5) "Mississippi is not a state, itís a river."

(4) "So how much money was in the bag?"

(3) "Look, $50 million is the final offer, if they donít like it, I can easily get that somewhere else."

(2) "Were they your panties, or hers?"

(1) "Nah, I think The Outliers suck, but the bar-maid at the Charles Avenue Cafe is hot."




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