"Outliers Recall Notice"

April 29th, 2005

NEW YORK (AP), April 29 -- On the heels of General Motors' stunning recall earlier this week of over two million vehicles for safety fixes, The Outliers, a New York-based blues and rock band, further rattled equity markets with the announcement that they are recalling three songs from their last live performance. The three songs, all traditional blues songs, are being recalled voluntarily by the band, a move applauded by blues watchdog groups.

The problems with the songs all center around the use of a certain chord in the transition portion between the chorus and each verse. As band member Joel Rubinson explained at a press conference earlier today, "We've been playing the tunes with a D-minor-7th chord since I can remember. Only recently did we learn that the correct chord is actually a D-minor-7th/flatted-9th." Rubinson went on to explain that The Outliers were unaware of any injuries that resulted from the error, but acknowledged that they had received several reports of fans who were singing the songs after the gig in question and received odd looks from other people.

While news of the recall was applauded by analysts, sending shares of the band up 4% in active trading today, some did question exactly when the band became aware of the problem. One prominent class-action attorney opined, "I find it hard to believe that a band like The Outliers weren't aware of this problem earlier. And if that's the case, then it is imperative that we uncover who knew what, when, and then identify those who suffered as a result of the band's negligence in this matter."

In a prepared statement, The Outliers responded that accusations such as these are "ridiculous, baseless and without merit." Mark Truss, another member of the band, reached at his office this afternoon, expanded on the official statement saying, "...I mean, what did our fans really suffer? Who doesn't get odd looks every now and then. We get them all the time." He went on to say that any fans that felt they were harmed by the chordal transgression could attend tonight's Outliers performance at Chesterfield's in Huntington, NY and hear the corrected versions of the songs in question.



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