"PEDs and the Outliers"

February 8th, 2008

NEW YORK (AP), Feb. 8 -- The Outliers, a Long Island, NY-based band, announced that prior to their gig this evening, they will entertain questions from the media regarding recent press reports that the band uses "performance enhancing drugs". The reports, which have caught the attention of local and federal legislators, arose out of fan reports that the quality of the band's gigs have consistently improved, even as the average age of the band's members has risen to levels where many musicians' skills begin to fade. A statement on the band's web site states that while their performances have certainly improved, performance enhancing drugs have never been used in the band.

Joel Rubinson, a spokesman for the band, expressed anger in a statement earlier today, stating, "These reports are silly. We're getting better simply because we've been playing together for so long, more than 10 years! We have never taken performance enhancing drugs of any kind. Never...period!" He went on to say, "I mean look at bands like the Rolling Stones that are still playing great music, well into their 60's...does anyone think Keith Richards uses drugs - OK, bad example maybe, but you get my point."

The press conference prior to tonight's gig at Desmond's Tavern is expected to be widely covered by major media outlets and is expected to be a contentious event.




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