"A Riddle..."

January 28th, 2005

Three guys are on a business trip and need a place to stay for the night. They see a hotel for $30 dollars a night and decide that would be perfect - $10 each. They go in and pay and as they are walking out, the manager realizes he knows one of the guys and asks the bellboy to take $5 back to them. He realizes he can't split $5 three ways so he gives back $1 dollar to each guy and keeps a $2 tip for himself.

Now each guy has paid $9 instead of $10, and the bellboy keeps 2 of the dollars. So 9(dollars) x 3(guys)= 27 dollars, plus the bellboy's 2 dollars, equals a total of $29.

So, what is the bellboy's name?

(Come down to the gig tomorrow night for the answer!)



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