"The Outliers are low in carbs..."

January 16th, 2004

NEW YORK (AP), Jan. 16 -- The Food and Drug Administration today gave its official approval for The Outliers, a Long Island, NY band, to claim that they are indeed low in carbohydrates. The claim in question - "The Outliers are low in carbs" - resulted in a contentious battle between the band and officials at the FDA, with federal officials challenging the value of a musical act claiming to be in low in carbohydrates, and members of the band maintaining that regardless of the value, it is indeed true.

Joel Rubinson, a spokeman for the band, expressed satisfaction that the claim had finally been approved, stating, "We're all glad that this is finally over. I mean, it may seem a little silly to argue over this, but the fact remains that The Outliers are indeed low in carbs, and therefore going to an Outlier gig is part of a healthy lifestyle". Efforts to contact other members of the band were unsuccessful. A spokesman for the FDA had no comment.

In trading on the New York Stock Exchange, Outliers shares rose 8% on the news, to close at $9.09 in heavy trading. Analysts suggested that approval of the claim could have a dramatic impact on sales for the band. John B. Goode, an analyst with Merrill Lynch raised his rating of the band to BUY, saying that in after-hours trading tonight he expects The Outliers to really "turn it up a notch".



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