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—— News ——
New York Times
National Public Radio
—— (Sort of) News ——
The Onion
The Daily Farce
—— Stuff You Need to Find ——
People Finder (Switchboard)
People Finder (Yahoo!)
Reverse Telephone Directory
Area Code Finder
Zip Code Lookup (
Visual Zip Code Lookup
—— Reference Stuff ——
Reverse Dictionary
Slang Dictionary
Phrase Finder
Maps (Yahoo!)
Maps (Mapquest)
Math Calculators
—— Flat Out Cool Stuff ——
Satellite Images
Satellite Images 2
Cool Sound Clips
Calendar for any Year
Optical Illusions
Optical Illusions 2
—— Government Stuff ——
Find your US Representative
US Representatives
Find your US Senator
Official US Time
—— Useless, but Cool Stuff ——
Anagram Generator
Paper Airplane Instructions
Biomotion Simulator
Amusing Facts
Cool Facts
Ralph's Useless Bits of Information
—— Cool Historical Stuff ——
This Day in History
Historical Sound Clips
History by the Decades
—— Nothing Better to do with your Time Stuff ——
Song Facts
Darwin Awards
What Musicians Require Backstage (The Smoking Gun)
Celebrity Mugshots (The Smoking Gun)
FBI's 10 Most Wanted List
FBI Famous Persons File
Urban Legends
Murphy's Laws
How Long Will You Live?
Dead Celebrity Info
Funny Bumper Stickers
More Funny Bumper Stickers


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