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Mark Truss
Mark is the driving force behind The Outliers' rhythmic sound. In addition to lead and rhythm guitar, lead and backing vocals, and the occasional bass and percussion parts, Mark is the primary arranger in the band, creating complex and interesting arrangements and instrumentation through a technique the band calls Trussmerization. Mark has been in various bands since the late 70's and produced local CD's in the early 80's that received great reviews in local music publications. Mark lives on Long Island and works in Manhattan heading up Market Research for an advertising agency.
Mark Truss
Blues Name
Jailhouse Killer Franklin
Primary Instrument
Other instruments you can play
Bass guitar, Piano
Other instruments you've ever played, but would be afraid to pick up today
Your gear
Ovation Applause, Epiphone Casino, Ibanez Les Paul, Austin bass guitar, Fender 100 amp, Pandora's Box 4
Top 5 Most Important Musical Influences:
#1 The Beatles
#2 Lynyrd Skynyrd
#3 Steely Dan
#4 David Bromberg
#5 Dr. John
Age began playing music
Most thrilling personal musical experience
Driving in my car, listening to an Outliers CD, turning around and seeing my two young sons in the back seat playing "air guitar" to my guitar leads.
Favorite musical artist
The Beatles
Musical genre you identify with the most
Rock/Pop, but also Blues and Swing, hard to say just one
Your all-time favorite album (your 'desert island disc')
Ugh, another tough one...either Abbey Road (The Beatles) or Street Survivors (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Favorite guitar player
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Favorite bass player
Paul McCartney (or Davis Moore)
Favorite singer
Man, that's a hard one - I guess who moves me the most?? Evonne Elliman
Favorite harp player
Joel Rubinson - of course
Favorite drummer
Steve Gadd
Favorite tune performed by The Outliers
Mister Charlie or Mystery Train
Favorite Elvis song
Suspicious Minds
Favorite Beatle
George -the Quiet One
Favorite actor
Jimmy Stewart
Favorite actress
Sandra Bullock
Favorite movie
Breaker Morant
Favorite book
Sirens of Titan - Kurt Vonnegut
Favorite author
John Grisham
Favorite magazine
Business Week
Favorite web site
OLGA or nytimes.com
Favorite newspaper
Favorite place to do Outliers gigs
NorthShore Cafe
Favorite food
General Tso's chicken
Shoe Size
13 EEE - uh huh!
Your day job
Market Researcher
Your least favorite word
"Can't" (said by anyone) or "Fine" (said by a woman)
Will a little dab really do ya?
Probably, of course it depends on what it's a dab of - eh?
Favorite baseball player
Pete Rose - nobody more exciting to watch than Pete
Favorite all-time TV show
Favorite all-time TV show theme song
Theme song to "Barreta" -- "Rockford Files" and "Simon & Simon" run close 2nd's
Favorite drink
Jack Daniels on the rocks, splash of water
Favorite accent
"Less Filling" or "Tastes Great"?
Less Filling
Your worst vice
OK, OK...smoking, I can't list the others here
Favorite decade
1945 - 1955
Do gentlemen really prefer blondes?
Yup, but usually only at a glance
Favorite capital punishment device
Listening to non-stop Neil Diamond music at high volumes
Favorite quote
"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger...but if it's bad enough that it could kill you, expect that it's gonna hurt like hell."
Favorite comedian
George Carlin or Robin Williams - a toss up
Favorite radio program
Garrison Keillor's "Prairie Home Companion"
Mantle or Mays?
Mays, regardless of what Joel says
Favorite travel destination
What the hell does "NPD" stand for anyway?
Depends what country you're in
The 1st thing you'd buy if you won $10 million
A college annuity for my kids - then a Gibson ES 335
Ben & Jerry or Haagen Dazs
Ben & Jerry
Tom & Jerry or Wile E. Coyote & Roadrunner
Wile E. Coyote & Roadrunner
Ben & Jerry or Tom & Jerry
Tom & Jerry
The Beatles or The Stones
You have to ask??
Cats or Dogs?
Do you think UFO's really exist?
Without a doubt
Favorite geo-political figure
Winston Churchill - the man had guts
Favorite sports team
NY Mets, sorry to say
Stock picks
Who knows, I just know to ignore any picks Karl lists
1st concert you ever saw
KISS, 1976 - Nassau Coliseum (Destroyer Tour)
If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
New York City, 1945
Domino's or Pizza Hut?
Dylan "electric" or Dylan "acoustic"
The Beatles
Favorite pet
Right behind left ear...and other places not suitable to mention here.
Who currently isn't, but in your opinion, should be, on a postage stamp?
I couldn't even tell you who IS on postage stamps, but if Joe DiMaggio isn't, he should be.
Coke or Pepsi?
Coke (Diet)
Who was the real genius - Becker or Fagan?
Fagan, I think. Who knows?
Carpet or wood floors?
Favorite dead rock star
John Lennon
Favorite analgesic
(See Favorite Drink)
Crackling fire or sandy beach?
Crackling fire
Favorite member of ABBA
Couldn't tell you if I wanted to...and who would want to?
Who do you think was really behind Kennedy's assasination?
National Cigar Importers Association
Favorite Woody Allen movie
Sleeper - love the dixieland music
Favorite condiment
(Again, see Favorite Drink)
Favorite bimbo who ended a politican's/evangelist's/CEO's career
God, I can't even keep track of them anymore. Who was the one who took down Jimmy Swaggert?
Most humbling experience
Too many to list - and I wouldn't list them here anyway
If you could play a different instrument in the band it would be
Bass guitar

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