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When one of our fans mentioned how boring and drab (ouch!)
our usual e-mail alerts were, we took it to heart
and challenged ourselves to make them more interesting.

Happily, the response has been overwhelming... the point where our fans have been asking us to post them on our web site.

So here they are...enjoy...


Baby it's cold outside... (January 9th, 2004)

The Outliers are low in carbs... (January 16th, 2004)

The Outliers - Anagrams (January 23rd, 2004)

Roses are red (February 6th, 2004)

Uh-Oh... (Ransom Note) (February 20th, 2004)

Outlier Stew (February 27th, 2004)

Ask your doctor if the Outliers are right for you... (March 5th, 2004)

Past Due Account (March 12th, 2004)

Outliers Googled (March 26th, 2004)

Dear Mom & Dad, (April 2nd, 2004)

Floor Plan (April 16th, 2004)

Click & Drag (April 23rd, 2004)

12 Step Program (May 14th, 2004)

An Opportunity (May 21st, 2004)

Fan Mail (June 11th, 2004)

Pull over buddy... (July 16th, 2004)

Simplifying Presidential Politics (July 30th, 2004)

The Magic 8 Ball says... (August 6th, 2004)

The Outlier Olympics... (August 12th, 2004)

Parrots... (September 17th, 2004)

Bush - Kerry - The Outliers (October 8th, 2004)

The Outliers Go To Hollywood (November 10th, 2004)

Lost (January 14th, 2005)

A Riddle... (January 28th, 2005)

Wow... (February 5th, 2005)

Outliers Recall Notice (April 29th, 2005)

Brad knows someone in the Highway Department (May 6th, 2005)

The Outliers Children's Book (June 10th, 2005)

There once was a man from Nantucket (July 28th, 2005)

The Complete Outliers Organization (August 12th, 2005)

The Missing Questions... (September 23rd, 2005)

Huh?! (March 11th, 2006)

Outliers For Dummies (April 15th, 2006)

Important Research... (May 11th, 2006)

Outliers Flags (May 31st, 2006)

Outliers Poll (July 21st, 2006)

Google Buys The Outliers (October 20th, 2006)

Did You Mean? (February 2nd, 2008)

April Fools (April 6th, 2007)

PEDs and the Outliers (February 8th, 2008)

An Incredible Bargain (May 2nd, 2008)

Fun With The Outleirs (August 1st, 2008)


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